Arabica Coffee oil / extract

Aadrea Coffee oil is a premium extract (absolute) derived from the seeds of the shrub Coffea arabica, a plant belonging to Rubiaceae family, and the oil is obtained through the process of supercritical fluid extraction (SFE), using pure carbondioxide as solvent, from the roasted brown grounds of cleaned dried coffee beans.

The extract is a light brown liquid. Its scent is a signature coffee aroma (caffeol), and main chemical composition is flavonoids, and several fatty acids identified as palmitic (46.1%), linoleic (32.9%), oleic (8.0%), stearic (6.6%) and arachidic (1.9%) and others.

Indications (benefits from use of product):

Aadrea Coffee Absolute is a herbal extract / product. It possesses good antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, deodorising and anti-microbial properties, among the several beneficial properties. The oil is beneficial when used in aromatherapy, sunscreens and cosmetics, anti-aging treatments, soaps and shower gels. It can aid the suppression of puffiness around the eyes, fight nausea, respiratory decongestant and soothing aching muscles.

How to Use:

Anti-aging routine: Coffee oil may help firm up the skin and make the appearance of wrinkles less pronounced. A face mask made of Coffee Oil and Olive Oil, in equal parts, can be massaged onto the face, and rinsed off with warm water after 15-30 minutes, once a day. To manage puffiness around the eyes, 5ml of the above combination can be mixed with 5 drops of water, to be patted around the eyes and left for up to 10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. Keep the oils out of eyes and other orifices/openings.

Stimulates Hair Growth: Coffee oil may be beneficial for reducing damaged ends and smooth out the texture, thereby improving the appearance of hair and the scalp. Coffee oil blended with argan oil, or another oil such as jojoba, grapeseed can be worked generously into the hair, and left for a couple of hours before washing out with clean water.

Inhalation and diffusion:  Coffee oil aroma is intoxicating and imparts an uplifting and warm feeling. Coffee aroma can lift your mood and reduce anxiety and stress. It can be diffused with other oils in blends; Vanilla or Cocoa can make excellent blend choices. Use at least 3-5 drops of each oil in 100ml of water.

Food and Beverage: Coffee oil can be of benefit when blended, in moderate amounts, with coconut oil for cooking, for instance, in stir fry meals. As a flavorant, coffee oil finds a lot of use in bakeries, ice creams and beverages.

Insect bites: Coffee oil has great anti-inflammatory ability. Rub off a small amount onto the bug-bite to reduce swelling and pain.

Perfumery: Coffee oil pairs well, in masculine perfumes and fragrances, with other resinous, woody and spicy oils. It also is a great olfactory cleanser, and can help mask off flavours.

Cosmetic use: Coffee oil is a great ingredient for massage butter, body scrubs, beauty bars, bath blends, lotions, lip balms, and hair care products.

Other industrial use: Coffee oil as a surfactant, can be used as an industrial agent as an ingredient for detergents, textile dyes, and emulsifiers.

Before Use:

The undiluted oil is unsafe to take by mouth. Misapplying large amounts of Coffee oil can cause allergic reactions, skin irritation, and also gastrointestinal distress, if it’s consumed. The oil should not be applied to broken skin.

Pregnant and nursing women, hypertensive and persons using prescription medications are particularly cautioned to avoid using the essential oil without medical guidance.

Additional information:

Aadrea Coffee oil is packaged in durable aluminium cans or labelled amber bottles with a dropper. Alternative packaging and seals will be specified as they become available.

Essential oils are volatile and lose their potency when exposed for long periods to oxygen and direct sunlight. Store the oil in its original sealed container, in a cool and dark space.

Shelf-life Information

Our essential oils, oleoresins, absolutes and hydrosols have been made using an ideal and chemical neutral /free process of either steam distillation, cold press and supercritical extraction. The purity of the oils has been ensured by keeping the amount of hydration/water content and other elements at the lowest level. With this in mind, we are confident that the product will remain effective if you store it in its primary bottle/container, away from direct sunlight, excessive heat and minimize the periods the bottle is opened (during which the oil potentially gets exposed to oxygen).

Your essential oil should remain viable (with the full optimal potential to deliver the intended benefit) for an average of 36 months (3 years)*** from the date of its manufacture.

***Click here – to refer to Our Safety and Precautions page for more detailed information on essential oils and carrier oils safety and shelf life.