Blending Oils and Extracts for their many amazing uses


Possibly the most commonly known use of essential oils involves our sense of smell which draws the oil molecules in vapors through the nostrils to the receptor centres in our brains and thereby inducing chemical reactions which produce the effects of calm, relaxation, relief, rest and others. Aromatherapy might commonly require the use of a diffuser or humidifier unit, air fresheners, or simply sniffing oils on a cotton ball, hand cloth or right out of the bottle. Good quality low priced diffuser and humidifier units are available in many retail shops at malls and markets.

To obtain the benefit of aromatherapy, you will need to have pure/neat essential oils (un adulterated concentrates) which you can diffuse with clean distilled water to create the necessary vapors. Anything less than a pure un-adulterated essential oil means you will be breathing in other substances which might cause unintended reactions.

Although each essential oil is capable of providing their own therapeutic benefits in aromatherapy, we recommend the use of essential oil combinations or blends to maximise the benefits. Check out ou r DIY page, on which we present some simple formulations that you can try at home, and perhaps improve on.

Massage and Spa therapy


Spa therapy imparts a lot of benefits for the user, namely: (i) relaxation and stress relief, (ii) pain relief (iii) skin and body toning (iv) meditation, and others. 

The above conditions are becoming more common as the globe races towards greater levels of competitivenss and the needs of corporate, industrial and social employment have placed higher demands on individuals concentration, energies and time.

Using Aadrea Essential Oils in body massages is a great way to achieve the benefits of spa therapy, whether conducted at home or at the  palour or spa.

A range of massage techniques from Deep Tissue massage, Sweddish massage, Hot Stone massage, Aromatherapy massage, Shiatsu massage, Sports massage, Prenatal massage, Reflexology, Chair massage and Lymphatic massage can be used with our oils.

Essential oils should be pre-mixed in a carrier oil before using topically on the body for massage. The ideal ratio of essential oils to carrier oil is up to 5:100, or 5% dilution rate. For instance, dilute every 5 drops of essential oil in 100 drops (5ml) of carrier oil. 

We recommend Aloe Vera, Jojoba, Olive, Avocado or Fractionated Coconut Oil as carrier oils for body massages.

We invite you to enjoy the benefits of nature and recommend that you make it a point to advise your masseuse or masseur on the most ideal combination of oils of your preference. Get your best massage experience today!

Essential oils benefits are best achieved when they are combined, following some careful consideration. These specific combinations are called Blends. The benefit of blending is mainly to enhance synergy between the different oil components and make the oils more pleasant for use.

Essential oil elements work best when the oils are complementing each other in blends. This is applicable across all uses, be they aromatherapy, massages, herbal, ayurvedic, healing or nutritional. On this page we categorise a few applications where blends of Aadrea Essential Oils have been found beneficial. Remember, not any one blend works for everyone, you are at liberty to read, discover, explore from as many as a million possible blends of essential oils.

Always remember, essential oils are very potent and can cause untintended harm if misused. These oils should be used with caution, as there are no approved guidelines about dosage or strength. Always ensure to observe the recommended dilution rates where dilution is required. Enjoy your journey with us, as you experience new ways to improve your wellness, health and lifestyle with the pure essence of nature.

Food and Beverage

Essential oils have also been used for ages in the food industry as flavorants and aromatics. You have probably encountered these essential oils as ingredients in your chewing gum, mints, sweets, curries, tea or latte. They also help in the digestion of meat, and are powerful, pure natural products containing vitamins, nutrients, and trace elements which will certainly do you better than anything to be found in artificial flavorings.

Traditionally, Lemongrass, Lemon, Basil, Clove, Lavender, Cinnamon, Ginger, Peppermint (Mint), Bergamot, Cardamom, Fennel, and others, have been used to flavor teas, using the dried stock. What better way, therefore, to improve portability of the flavoring agent by using pure essential oil right out of the bottle! This is not only convenient, but also ensures the appropriate essential oil content is infused into your tea. Some essential oil infused teas have been known to provide therapeutic relief for some conditions. 

Basil, lemongrass, cilantro, ginger, wild orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime, and even lavender transform water into a vehicle for relaxation and hydration; all that’s needed is a drop of pure oil in 500ml (2 glasses) of water. In addition, there are several ways to use pure essential oils to spruce up a cup of tea, coffee, latte, or cappuccino.

Essential oil infusion in beverages does not require any more than 1/100 part of essential oil. To achieve this, you will only need to lace the cup of tea with the oil (equivalent of a toothpick rub-off). For bigger servings, for instance a kettle of tea, you may add 1 drop of oil, not more.

Cleaning, Sanitation and Deodorising

Switching from commercial to home-made cleaning and deodorizing products is a simple but effective way for you to regain control of the chemicals that you allow into your house, to regulate the amount of money you spend on cleaners, as well as other incidental health benefits from the inhalation of essential oils.

Traditional household cleaners may contain synthetic chemicals which may affect your eyes and could cause sneezing, coughing, headaches, and upset stomach. These effects can be much lessened by introducing the natural alternatives in pure organic essential oils.

Using Aadrea Essential Oils, you are now able to make the right blends to clean and deodorise your sofas, settees and upholstery, as well as your tubs, baths and sinks. You are also able to improve the places in your kitchen, baths and drains where odor forming elements tend to collect. The oils will leave your house deodorised and hygienic.

The right oil blends are great additives in your washes and laundry to infuse your clothes with the best natural aroma and decongest washing machines as well. Essential oils may be able to restore the right fragrance in cleaning clothes and wipes which tend to become congested after several uses. A simple dilution of select oils in your dish cleaner solution, or a bucket fo cleaning water is all you would need to restore your clothes. 

Pets, Animals and Pest control

Aadrea Essential Oils now afford you the opportunity to resolve help your house pets’ health and hygiene. Essential oils are safe to use, in proper dosage and dilution, to support respiratory health in house pets (managing cold and flu), disinfecting your pets’ blankets and sleeping areas through antibacterial action, resolving skin abscesses which arise when your pet gets into fights or scratches, as well as keeping away flies and other blood sucking insects which irritate pets and domestic animals.

It may also be beneficial to place the diluted essential oil in your pet collar to help your pet stave off gnats and fleas. In addition, pet collars and sprays with the right esential oils have been used for training pets.

Essential oils are good potential fumigants and can repel pests in crop fields and grain stores, as well as fruit flies fruit gardens.

Using the right essential oils, you may be able to provide nutritional supplementation which may help lactating cattle to reduce bacterial infections as well as improve milk and beef yield. For detailed How to Use information, you are advised to refer to a qualified veterinary practitioner.

Hair, Skin  and Facials

Several essential oils are beneficial due to their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. The nature of our skin surfaces, being the largest barrier between our internal organs and nature means that, more often than not, skin conditions will arise that require relief.

Aadrea Essential Oils provides a great number of potent oils that can be used both singly and in combinations to relieve some very common skin conditions, and may provide relief to such conditions as cellulitis, boils, folliculitis, ringworm, acne, pimples, eczema, and foot odor. Bacteria and germs are natural elements that reside and can cumulate on our skin surfaces. In all cases, the right oils and the right dosage /combination is key. A good facial serum and balms can be made with essential oil additives to aid exfoliation. Different skin types will need diiffernt combination therapies, and what works for an oil skin, a dry skin, or an acne prone skin will defer based on the chemical properties required. Acne and pimples for instance would benefit from a combination that promotes unclogging the hair follicle and then bacteria inside the growth, and this would potentially help improve skins that have blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, papules, nodules, pustules and others.

Good shower gels should be capable of removing dirt and impurities of the skin surface, as well as preventing its drying. Good body wash gels or shower gels are now quite available on every shelf, and will usually contain the right surfactants, preservatives, thickening agent, solvent, pH and viscosity modifiers. Effective handwash gels can be made from natural ingredients, with the objective of lessening side effects of synthetic ingredients. Your natural antiseptic handwash gel should have ingredients comprised of antimicrobial agent; antiseptic agent; healing agent; foaming agent; cooling agent; moisturizing agent; preservative, and water as a solvent/emulsifier.

Your hair quality will be based on the thickness of the hair or its volume and the sheen or shine. Formulation of mild shampoos, rinses and conditioners is necessary for restoring hair quality. Some scalp treatments help to dilate the blood vessels lying beneath your scalp and in the process improving blood flow to the hair follicles, followed by scalp massages that stetch the follicular cells and promote hair growth. When hair follicles get clogged, dandruff and sebum tend to build up. The main causes are either or the combination of dry skin, certain naturally occurring fungi, irritated oily skin, sensitivity to certain hair products or poor hair hygiene. There are different hair types, and therefore an ingredients approach is essential to ensure that the needs of the different hair types are catered for. An expert on hair and scalp conditions, would know a sufficient blend for hair conditioning, rinse, and conditioning. On our part, we intend to focus on the simpler applications of essential oils to restore the scalp, manage dandruff, and solve alopecia.

In Ayurveda, a set of ancient forms of Indian traditional restorative aromatherapy, you have the option to apply the oils in the appropriate ratios in a warm bath. You also have the option to apply our oils in diffusers to help a meditative session. The oil blends will support and regerate your dosha (‘life force’ energy), whether you are a Vata, Pitta or  Kaffa.  We recommend you obtain support of a trained or professional therapist in Ayurveda, a Vaidya, to complement your DIY use, as the best bet for the best benefits of ayuverdic therapy.